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Caine Veterinary Teaching Center
1020 E. Homedale Rd.
Caldwell, ID 83607
Ph: 208.454.8657
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Caine Veterinary Teaching Center


Research is aimed at solving problems of economic significance to the livestock industries of Idaho.

The clinical and/or applied research program at the Center has been highly successful. In some instances, faculty members have received national and international recognition for their efforts. Examples include cryptosporidiosis, anaplasmosis, Johne's disease, neonatal calf diseases and fluid therapy, reproductive diseases of cattle and sheep, genetic control of ovine foot rot, EID (electronic identification) of beef cattle, and scrapie in sheep. The faculty members have been productive in securing outside funding to conduct research trials and in publishing scientific papers. There is good collaboration with the Idaho Department of Agriculture on communicable diseases and Idaho Department of Fish & Game on wildlife/domestic disease interaction. The facilities and personnel are dedicated primarily to clinical or applied research relevant to regional disease problems. The Caine Center facilities were designed primarily for teaching, and applied rather than basic or high-tech research.

On-going Research

  • Scrapie epidemiology (sheep)
  • Calf Diarrheas: causes, treatment and prevention
  • Disease transmission between domestic animals and wild ruminants
  • DNA biotechnology in diagnosis and research
  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and Johne's disease testing
  • National Animal Identification System (NAIS)
  • Pathogenesis of Pasteurella spp. in Bighorn Sheep
  • Mycoplasma and virus interactions in Bighorn Sheep disease

Previous Research

  • Alternative feeds for sheep and cattle
  • Blood parasite diseases
  • Epididymitis, abortion and foot rot in sheep
  • Nutritional challenges to high producing dairy cows
  • Discovery of new parasites of the stomach in cattle
  • Viral mastitis of sheep and goats
  • Post mortem diagnosis of grass tetani
  • Efficacy of selenium supplementation to increase weight gains
  • Efficacy of vesicular Stomatitis vaccine

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