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Caine Veterinary Teaching Center
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Caine Veterinary Teaching Center

Pasteurella Molecular Biology Research Laboratory

Attention: The laboratory has been closed due to lack of funding.

Research on Pasteurella, Mycoplasma, and related organisms and viruses  by scientists at the Caine Center has given them some insight into bighorn pneumonia, but has not solved the dilemma of all causes precipitating sudden die-offs. This CAST paper written by Miller, Bulgin and Knowles sums up the current knowledge of the role of Pasteurella in bighorn disease.


Wildlife/Domestic Animal Disease Interactions

Research Highlights
First to demonstrate that most free-ranging Bighorn sheep carry Pasteurella/Mannheimia spp. bacteria, a significant contribution to wild sheep management practice and policy in Idaho and the entire western US and Canada Isolated and characterized Pasteurella spp. strains from numerous wildlife species (e.g., bighorn sheep, mule deer, elk, mountain goat, cougar, antelope). First to demonstrate vast diversity in wildlife Pasteurellaceae, over 150 biovariant types.

First to use molecular biology tools to demonstrate transmission of disease causing Pasteurellaceae strains from adult bighorn sheep to caesarian-derived bighorn lambs.

First to characterize Pasteurellaceae bacteria in bison with bronchopneumonia, and first to isolate Histophilus somni (a related pathogen) from bison.

Largest collection (over 15,000) of Pasteurellaceae isolates from wildlife characterized and maintained at Caine Veterinary Teaching Center.

Molecular genetic characterization techniques developed and adapted to identify disease associations

Biochemical tests developed and adapted to determine potential of different strains to cause disease

Refereed publications, competitive grant funding, University of Idaho represented at internationally-attended scientific meetings

Graduate and undergraduate student training.

University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences